Eine Druckanzeige

Die alte Papierfabrik

The history of this old paper mill dates back to 1728, when the foundation stone was laid for the previously built paper mill. For a long time, the operators of the paper mill kept it up to date with the latest technology, so that in 1834 it was converted into a fully fledged paper mill. Almost 100 years later, the factory was given the next stage of expansion by a large reinforced concrete construction. The „VEB Wolfswinkel“ company also proved to be an important source of foreign exchange in the GDR, since it was the only factory that could produce high-quality handmade paper. It was only when the market economy moved in that the company had to file for bankruptcy in 1994.

When we entered the huge factory halls, we felt like we were immersed in a mystical industrial world. The smell of old machine oil, the play of light on the dusty brick walls and the face of the rusty, steel machines with their flywheels, motors and displays make every lost-place photographer’s heart beat faster. We had a lot of fun and can only recommend this place!

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